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Bulky Book Paper is an uncoated mechanical high-bulk paper for books with a bluish or creamy shade which delivers great print performance and distribution savings for high-volume print runs & makes a great choice, especially for books without color graphics.
So considering its high bulk characteristic, you can achieve the impression of a thicker, stiffer paper but with the same weight as a standard paper. The extra bulk enhances the reader’s perceived value and enables you to lower postal and production costs without sacrificing the quality. lastly don’t forget that this paper is recyclable and made from wood procured from sustainably managed sources.


Duplex board consists of two layers & mostly made from waste paper pulp with a white and smooth surface coating which makes it ideally suit to be printed. It is produced in both gray-back & white-back shades & used for packaging purposes such as tissue paper boxes, toothpaste boxes, Detergent boxes, clothing boxes, Toy Boxes & etc. 


Folding Box Board is a multi-layered board which is made of virgin fibers with specific fiber compositions for the various layers in order to optimize the board’s performance for the use of book covers, greeting cards, packaging of food, cosmetics, chocolate, pharmaceuticals & etc. The outer layers consist of bleached chemical sulphate pulp and the middle layers of mechanically separated fibers (RMP-pulp). Fibers for the different layers are treated in different ways to tailor the paperboard construction to the intended use. The outer layers of sulphate pulp with its application of a double coating provide the foundation for a smooth surface & the middle layers consisting of mechanical pulp provides high bulk and stiffness.


Coated papers include an extra layer of coating in order to achieve certain qualities such as extra gloss, durability, tear-resistance or smoothness & are very popular pick for end uses such as color printing, image printing, magazines, brochures, book covers, flyers, announcements and promotional materials. It is produced in there categories including glossy, silk & matte in which the shine of coating would be reduced. 




Ivory Boards are placed in the category of solid bleached boards (SBB) which is made purely from bleached chemical pulp and usually has a mineral or synthetic pigment coated top surface in one or more layers (C1S) and often also a coating on the reverse side (C2S). It is a medium density board with high stiffness & good printing properties for graphical and packaging end uses and is perfectly white both inside and out. It can easily be cut, creased & hot foil stamped for packaging pharmaceutical & food products especially which are aroma and flavor sensitive such as chocolate, cigarettes and cosmetics.


Light-weight coated paper (LWC) grades have lower coat weights, grammage and pigment content than the standard ones & comes in matt or gloss finish, several brightness levels and many basic weights. This kind of paper generally used for magazines, catalogues, supplements, flyers & etc.

NGN company is an active group which has been established since 2010 



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