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Dead Burnt Magnesia (DBM)


Dead burned magnesia (DBM) is main raw material for basic refractory products and it is widely used for production of shaped and unshaped refractories. DBM is a widely used refractory material. DB Magnesia is able to withstand high temperatures and therefore is highly recommended for EAF's.DBM is produced in a vertical shaft by sintering raw magnesite at a controlled high temperature.

It is chemically inactive and extremely heat resistant.It is the main raw material for manufacturing basic refractories including gunning masses, ramming masses, for tundish linings and in hot fettling as fettling mass. Dead Burned Magnesite can be supplied in lump for end users to crush and grade or in ready sized form.

Dead Burnt Magnesite is produced in the Rotary Kiln by sintering raw magnesite at a controlled temperature of 1750 degree centigrade and its chemically inactive. Dead Burnt Magnesite is consume almost exclusively in the production of Refractory Field.

This products are used in:

  • Refractory Industry for manufacture of Basic Refractory Bricks
  • Manufacture of Ramming Mass composition, Fettling material and Magnesite Mortar
  • It is used in SLAG beneficialness and in SLAG splashing in Arc Furnaces
  • It is also used as a coating material in Steel Industry.



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