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No.85, Khajeh Abdollah Ansari Ave., Shariati St., Tehran-Iran



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There is a nominal capacity of 400 000 t of different types of refractory bricks and monolithics to be produced in IRAN. 

The biggest producer operates with capacity of 120 000 t while many other can only produce less than 20 000 t. Most of products are magnesia based refractories, for which the local raw material sources are limited. Magnesia refractories produced in Iran are mainly Mg-chrome and Mg-carbon. The alumina based materials include alumina-magnesiacarbon, alumina-silicate and high alumina with different amount of alumina. Both magnesia and alumina refractories are produced in the forms of shaped and unshaped materials. 


NGN has exported  different kinds of refractory matrials from china, India and Turkey.




NGN company is an active group which has been established since 2010 



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