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IRAN has emerged as the world’s eighteenth-largest steel exporter. In year to date 2018 (through June), further referred to as YTD 2018, Iran exported 5.3 million metric tons of steel, a 47 percent increase from YTD 2017. Iran’s exports represented about 2 percent of all steel exported globally in 2017. The volume of Iran’s 2017 steel exports was about 1/10th that of the world’s largest exporter, China. In value terms, steel represented 6.4 percent of the total amount of goods Iran exported in 2017.

Iran exports steel to more than 50 countries and territories. The 10 countries represent the top markets for Iran’s exports of steel, receiving more than 100 thousand metric tons each and accounting for 89 percent of Iran’s total steel exports in 2017.

Semi-finished products accounted for the largest share of Iran’s steel exports in YTD 2018 at 76 percent or 4.1 million metric tons. Long products accounted for 12 percent, or 624 thousand metric tons, of Iran’s exports of steel, followed by flat products at 10 percent (550 thousand metric tons), pipe and tube products at 2 percent (91 thousand metric tons), and stainless steel at 0.1 percent (3 thousand metric tons).

Iran’s top export markets by volume vary across types of steel products. The United Arab Emirates received the largest share of Iran’s exports of flat products in YTD 2018 at 39 percent (215 thousand metric tons). Iraq held the largest share of Iran’s long products at 43 percent (266 thousand metric tons), and Iraq also accounted for the largest share of Iran’s pipe and tube products at 66 percent (60 thousand metric tons). Thailand received the largest share of Iran’s semi-finished products at 25 percent (998 thousand metric tons) in YTD 2018. Afghanistan was the top market for Iran’s stainless exports holding a 46 percent share (1 thousand metric tons).


NGN has exported  Steel Billet ,DRI, HBI and so on until now . 

With so many  warehouse locations spread across the IRAN, we are capable of supplying all of your businesses' steel needs.


NGN company is an active group which has been established since 2010 



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